Happy 221st Birthday Wilhelm Küchelbecker!

Memento Mori

by Wilhelm Küchelbecker

(translated by Google Translate)

Here, between the fallen pillars, overgrown with ivy
and nettles,
Here, where the wind whistles between the ruined walls,
I, alone on a hill, under the shadow of a smoldering tower,
From an ancient stone I glance into the distance, to the plain, to the forest;
Sun, I’ll take a look at you! to the flaming west, to heaven.
Oh, how blue there is, there I am silent! ”
Here I will hide from life for a moment, for a moment I will forget
Bitterness of her! or not: boredom, and sadness, and longing,
All deceits of fate and betrayal of mortals
Feelings in myself will awaken, crying alive I will enjoy!
But why was the feather grass stuck up and suddenly become embittered?
I hear a sweet moan, a sweet whisper and a sigh!
Are you talking to me, silence? I worship the rumor;
The cold ran through me, tears flashed in my eyes!
Where did you breathe before, oh marshmallows? where, sweet, veil?
You are sad and quiet: did you fly over the urns?
“I flew around the urns!” He told the silent to the graves:
There is no moaning of sorrow! there is a restless peace! ”
O breeze! about the voice from the far country, pause!
But everything is silent around! all put on the darkness! ”
The sun with the azure rolled down a long time; hovering over the fog,
The month passed through the meadows a pale, trembling light;
The stars shine, beckon and sleep on the eyes are sent down –
The tower, the gray-haired giant, is dozing over the sleeping ground.


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