Torpid Slivers #16

Buphelleruck’s Confectionery continues to offer edible busts containing the precise amount of sugar (according to current medical science) required to kill the subject, should he or she consume it in one sitting. Sculpted from prizewinning anise pastillage, Buphelleruck’s Lethal Busts come in numerous shapes and sizes. By far the most popular of these is the company’s crown jewel, “Girl of Fifteen 2a,” based on a mold by Polindrio Macdomphlid. A sample resides in the main shop’s window display, circled endlessly (via mirror-based illusion) by the specter of someone departed — presumably due to overconsumption of delicious anise candy.

Located at 7 Chlarnozandre Square, Ellubecque.

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