Torpid Slivers #7

In the former case a puncture should be made through the pasteboard with a trocar, the opening enlarged afterward with the negative pole of the galvanic battery (encased in a hollow glass stem) inserted to keep the conduit open for drainage. The worst glands should be covered with silk, the upper edges bound narrowly before they are sewn together. Stimulation via the latter has the effect of removing wasteful syrups from the larger body, and may occur in three, four, or five segments, just as you fancy.

Over the lobes and along the fissure there are marvelous changes. Columns may form, spaced like fingers. Should irritation favor the basal canal (which typically dilates to accommodate a ball of thread), it will likely vomit green festoons that just might riot between the sections in patterns that will invoke that defunct pavilion — almost precisely as memory demands.

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