Poems: Nadia de Vries

Illo for Nadia de Vries's poems.

Curse Diary

When it rained that morning
When I dropped my keys
When he interrupted me
When she took the last olive
When the trains stopped running
When I cut my hand
When I did it on purpose

Protect Me from What I Want

A folding chair is a portable comfort
It comes in six colors
Staying, leaving, and four shades of hesitation.

A Table for None

The hunger chastised me
It buried me in bavarois.
I take my punishment as it comes.
I’m reticent, like cream.
I don’t believe in good
I am a fiend for everything.
Nadia de Vries is the author of four chapbooks and the curator of Sisternhood (2016), an anthology of poetry by European women. She lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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