Poemblems: Erkembode



Co-op Bathtub Receipt


Yorkshire Bank Bathtub Receipt


Sainsbury’s Piano Bathtub Receipt


Morrisons Bathtub Receipt


NatWest Bathtub Receipt

Erkembode is a receipt based Mimih artist living in Leeds, England. His art has variously been described as irreverent, outsider, spiritual, modernist, cutesy, not art, crude, prolific, pointless, phallic, beat, cheap, childlike, responsive, mischievous, non-academic, difficult, purposeful, instinctual. He runs Bear Press, makes films with A616 mate Josh Alexander and sound with PiLGRiMiMiH Ben Morris & Siân Williams.

Remnants of a Receipt Mountain Mimih based performance (Flood Debris w/ PiLGRiMiMiH collective) are currently on display at Leeds College of Art until 28/04/2017.

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