Burst O’Teh Web

teh bottom of teh bottles // The Casper Review 

Simley // Lost Signals

red shirt // Los Angeles Times

The Arrow Maker 2 // allisongrimaldidonahuedotcom

Aufgabe // Jacket 2

be the ghost // Seafoam

slowly undress into years // Rise Up Review

Poppy Pics // Dangerous Minds

Bin Juice // Radio Bukkake

Anti-corporate search for authenticity as entrepreneurial opportunity // Berfrois

Our Automated Future //  Entropy

CAConrad talks with Margaret Randall // Lamda Literary


Dress Up // Luna Luna

The Barbican // 3:AM

When the house is paused //  Apogee

Jem // Burning House Press

Last London // London Review of Books

Our arrival today // The Smart Set

Vis-à-Vis Her Body // The Rumpus

Piú volte già per dir le labbra apersi // Funhouse Magazine

Sex Doll Day //  Dennis Cooper Magazine

When he deflates, horribly flat //  Threepenny Review

The whey, foam // Poetry


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