Lust Thrust Thursdays: Sex on the Move

Sex is nonstop movement until the body reaches a climax. It’s like the gym, except the reward lasts seconds and you’re more likely to light up a cigarette afterwards instead of swallowing a container of protein shake. (Or is that just me?)

Wanting sex in an environment of perpetual motion is only natural. Great sex can make you feel as if you’re moving as fast as the Earth spins in orbit, so why not try to reach that level of ecstasy every time?

Road head

Vehicular rendezvous is not a new thing. Virginities practically lined the cushions of the museum pieces that are Model T Fords.  We can even go back to the Victorian Age and draw from the “crisis” of wandering hands and limbs inside of horse-drawn carriages. It was such a problem, curtains and cushions were banned from carriages at one point.

Who are we to break with tradition? Why limit the excitement of a road trip to the destination? Experience your partner’s touch as the car gains speed. Revel in the possibility of a state trooper hiding between a group of trees. Will the truck driver in the lane next to yours be able to catch a glimpse? Do you want him to?

But, safety first.

There’s a scene in the 1989 comedy film, “Parenthood”, where Mary Steenburgen’s character attempts to help her husband relax by giving him a blow job while he drives. The husband, played by Steve Martin, is so surprised and excited that he ends up crashing their car.

Don’t be Steve Martin.

Road head is a risky move whenever the receiver is the one driving. No one wants their coroner’s report outlining how they suffocated on a penis after their car veered off the highway. If you’re the receiver, just make sure to transfer all the toe wiggling to the foot that’s not on the pedal.

Mile High Club

While I’m appreciative of the fact that we no longer have to be on a boat for several months just to get to the other side of the ocean, transatlantic flights still involve several idle hours. You can load your tablet up with the contents of an entire county library, but when you’re in the mood and have the opportunity to have some fun 30,000 feet in the air, you might want to take it.

And many do. Stratos Jets conducted a study recently that showed that 80% of people have engaged in some sort of sexual behavior in their coach seats. This can be anything from fondling, to oral sex, to even intercourse. Remember that in case the bathrooms are all taken by like-minded people.

If you do value the sacred privacy of the exclusive Mile High Club, keep in mind that you’re likely to set off security alerts if you’re in the bathroom for too long. And despite the uniforms, federal agents might not be in the mood to roleplay if you get caught.


Pornography does not provide the most responsible canvas for sexual expression, but it does have the freedom to be the most creative.

Take adult film actor Alex Torres, aka Voodoo, and his skydiving stunt with Hope Howell as an example.  At the time, she was a receptionist at Skydive Taft, where Torres taught skydiving on weekends. The pair decided to film themselves having sex while skydiving. Not only were they successful, but Howell claims she had four orgasms during the dive.

Their local police department launched an investigation after the video went viral, but didn’t press charges because the stunt wasn’t witnessed by onlookers. The Federal Aviation Administration also launched an investigation, but found no violations since the stunt did not distract the pilot.

All that for four orgasms as wind rushed through your naked body?

Worth it.


You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to experience sex on the move. You just have to be willing to try something new.

Gem Blackthorn is QMT's Sex Columnist, and the author/curator of Lust Thrust Thursdays. Send her your submissions and questions at sexsexsex [at]

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