Call For Submissions: Risk and Rupture in 2017

In order to imagine new “fully formed” terms for resistance, whether made in language or action, for groups and for individuals, there is a necessary  process–in flux, contradictory, poetic, painful–that gathers/scatters/invents the shifting underbelly that your terms may become.

In the coming months I will post pieces of your process: outlines, notes, sketches, excerpts, that reveal the art and artist hard at work, mid-trance, break-down, fit, manic-dream.

The politically engaged drive to make art, to resist normative superstructures, and defy oppressive rhetoric still need moments of quiet, and care. Moments where we let go of who is watching and reflect on why being watched is so important to us, and then moments where we let go of that too. The more vulnerable we are for each other, the stronger we become in the fight to protect each other.

Some themes of interest are, but are not limited to:

  • Standing Rock, pipe-lines, Indigenous American experiences
  • Abortion rights, religious rebels
  • New hybrid poetry manuscripts formulated in the last 6 months
  • Concepts of healing
  • Radical desire
  • Afro-futurisms/Afro-pessimisms
  • Land-Art
  • PHD or MFA projects that feel insurmountable or failing
  • Crisis Care, ie: teachers, social workers, hotline volunteers who have everyday experience with a bureaucratized struggle
  • Letters to and from incarcerated youth
  • Spiritual and self care practices
  • Critiquing critique

All mediums welcome.



Submit to: cornelia (dot) barber (at) queenmobs (dot) com





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