Doors & Dragons

Stranger Things is about how kids are the only true rebels/lovers left.

So we start over, with them. With the possibility of childhood. With childhood as the possible.

Everyone believes. That’s the key. To every door, to every problem and sadness and loss.

Slowly a community, of children, of adults, of mourners and lovers and healers is built.

Plus there is so much about ethics on the show. Everywhere. Like when Steve H wipes off the word slut, which he calls Nancy in red spray paint (a modern version of the scarlet letter) across the movie awning in town. We don’t just see him regret the terrible action. We see him take responsibility for it by cleaning it up himself.

Everyone takes action because everyone is a mourner, not a melancholic.

Everyone is always welling up or crying on the show, tears in their eyes, because everyone is full of care. Full of love. Ethics. Fidelity. Readiness.

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