12.5 Review: Psycho Pass

1/ To what lengths will we go to insure a placid society? Where do we draw the line between safety and stagnation, between privacy and intrusion?

2/ Psycho Pass takes place in a future where everyone has a psychological hue that is able to be read at any time by a system called Sybil that alerts the proper authorities if someone’s hue darkens due to depression, rage etc. The series deals with these questions and more: the depths to which we deny our darker, more primal urges (and whether or not they have value), living with the threat of terrorism, and the far-reaching and often bewildering things we are capable of mining Big Data for.


4/ I’ve been rocking this a lot lately and it seems fitting…somehow.

5/ Sorry Hentai freaks but there is precious little fan service to be had here.

6/ The show flips the script on PSYCH 101, here psychopaths act as guerilla warriors showing people through violent means what it is to be truly alive.

7/ A certain amount of disruption is actually healthy. Details here.

8/ Let me save you the search: badass opening music.

9/ It’d be great to slurp down some Udon while watching this.

10/ The cutesy robots that inform people of terrorist attacks or police orders are…disconcerting.

11/ This reminds me of another great series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (better with subtitles but beggars not being choosers and all).

12/ An interesting article on Hikikomori.

12.5/ Buy

Judson Hamilton lives in Wrocław, Poland. Twitter: @judson_hamilton

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