12.5 Review: Magda Szabo’s The Door

1  // The suspenseful pacing in this book be like

2 // Many moons ago I was staying in Budapest for an extended period of time. Being broke, I ate nearly every day at a local pub where they served Goulash in a bread bowl. It was heavenly.

3 // Are you in an MFA program for fiction? Well you can save yourself a ton of cash by just buying this book and studying it closely. Not only does it boast the best first chapter ever but it also moves seamlessly back and forth through time and memory.

4 // What’s astounding is that Ms. Szabo has made much ado out if so relatively little. She’s managed to instill in these few characters such depth that you feel you’ve known them for years.

5 // Ultimately this book is about privacy, madness, dependency, and loyalty.

6 // This is going to be epic.

7 // It’s only a matter of time before someone attempts to render this on film… and fails miserably.

8 // Why not visit Budapest and take in a spa party at a thermal bath while you’re there?

9 // Not to trivialize the book but I feel like this is related.

10 // The people over at the New York Review of Books have been publishing some pretty amazing stuff. Check out some of their other classics.

11 // In Emerence, Ms. Szabo has surely created one of the most complex characters in all of literature. (That’s right – I said it).

12 // An interview with Ms. Szabo.

12.5 // Pick up a copy.

Judson Hamilton lives in Wrocław, Poland. Twitter: @judson_hamilton

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