In A Blue Dream

in a blue dream

is the party the site of refusal

what we owe is (in) this breach of the favour
where I may not remove

in the mutual render

when I said

pour one out

for the phantasm of the enemy

I arrived at the wrong party
for the inhale
should be the expectancy
of some new stars

what is the exilic but presence
the first work of mourning
is the righteous refusal of rights
for the lament is incantatory

pour it free
things get
turned outward
because we
pull them so

how do I get there
on my ones

you bring the outside in
by breaking the code

a ten step program

it starts with

a broken ankle in

the mouths of the wronged

and holding this breaking inheritance
of the hold together
something bruised like

the hickey underworld
what we owe
this breach of the favour


Ed Luker is a poet and a writer. He is the author of Peak Return (Shit Valley Press, 2014), Headlost (RIVET. Press, 2014) and The Sea Together (Materials Press, 2016). He is currently working on a long prose-poem on the non-citizen, detainment, attainment and the ideology of the British state and its taxpayer called Universal Attainment Centre.

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