Any Faith in Men

Taking screenshots of time-montages in The Way We Were for TIME TELLS. The movie always makes me cry. It actually hurts to watch it. It’s the worst favorite movie love story of all time because it romanticizes (diegetically and non-diegetically) all the wrong things and makes painfully clear that great, brilliant, intense, passionate, one-of-kind-women are always dooming themselves with mediocre unremarkable melancholic men that don’t deserve them, can’t commit, can’t keep up, will never change. Plus, it’s the beginning of the great Streisand chasing the “fantasy WASP.” So women doomed onscreen and off. Lastly: Pollack never let any of his onscreen leads stay together. Only once—–maybe—–in Tootsie. He wasn’t a realist, he was a cynic. He couldn’t imagine alternatives. Or maybe like, De Palma, Pollack didn’t have any faith in men.

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