Names I’ve Used Auditioning for Eight Seasons Of RuPaul’s Drag Race


Season 1

Ramen Symone

Anne Lisper

Moulin De La Galette

Kit Kat Von Dee

Jicama A. Fox

The O. Edie

Anna Cauldron

Inviolate Chachki

Elven DeGeneres

Finessa William

A. Bea Seedy

Vida La Viva


Trista Dekaphobia




Season 2

Bernice Sanders

Sam Smith

Pom Dior


Sweetest Taboo

Dolly Lévi-Strauss

Quiet Storm

Elle Greco

Cinnamon Vape

Gloss Eeyore Matte

Anna Wintornup




Season 3

Brooke Paige Nichols from Tbilisi, Georgia

Salmonella Fitzgerald

Sally Langston Hughes

Zayn’s Girlfriend

Tipme Hedren

The Vegan Mary

Whore Frost

Zola Neale Hurston

Rosetta Stone

Holly Would

Charles Le Brunhilde

Annie Occident

Iggy Azealia Banksy




Season 4

Increase Mather

Guac Isextra

Ariel Silks

Sis Kebab

Gnarly XCX

Star Anise

Daisy Miller Lite


Ginger Ails

Ashley Madison


Diabetic Candy

Joyce Hallenoates




Season 5

Bendy Williams


Sex Pot Fitzgerald

Ernestine Hemingway


Mrs. Sinister

Fran Ocean

Roxxy Cotin

Madame N. Eve

Jane Slayer

Surprise Bitch

Empress of Calvary

Carrera Obscura



Season 6

Katherine Audrey Hepburn Mansfield Park

Black Sable

Flaneur E. O’Connor

Lucy Huntychurch

Lady of the Cakes

Ayn Rand McNally

Lorem Ipsum

Mariah Carrie White

Mary Shelley Duvall

Gomorrah Lee Simmons

Onika Morrison

Julianna Rancid

Amber Sextrous

Shady Pines




Season 7

Lorde N. Taylor (nee Swift)

Sissy Lannister

Ambien Tamblyn

Sister Soulja Boy

Mandy Whorehol

Fanny Brice

Phyllis Dean

Salvia Plath

Eudora Feltme

Amy Lol

Phoebe Alnight N. Love

Anna Green-Gables

Lucy Flawless


Season 8

Willa Catheter

Della Reese Witherspoon

Amuse Bouche

Jane Franco

Czarina Abramovic

Mona Lisa Marie Presley

Maria Von Snatch

Allyson Wonderland

Miss Elle Aneus

Kitty Chianti

Pam Ann

Penny Dreadful

Derrick Austin is a Cave Canem fellow and the author of Trouble the Water forthcoming from BOA Editions in April. In another life, he goes out in drags as Ash Wednesday, a queen influenced by Angela Bassett, Diahann Carroll as Dominique Deveraux, Tilda Swinton, and Margery Kempe. He tweets at @ParadiseLaust.

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