The Language, A Woman-Mariana Rodríguez

To fly/steal is woman’s gesture, to steal into language to make it fly.
Hélène Cixous

I don’t understand why

the word womb

rhymes with bomb

I’m asking myself why that little word

can-not rhyme with other words

For example:

Souk, tangerine, seagull, garlic or trilobite

Never mind,

After Babel nothing is the same.

The man believes that he is

the owner of the language

but I am a woman

I am an amalgam of words

For me the language is a trick game

The fox eats the rabbit

If I say stay

You say away

In any case, doesn’t matter

the language is for men

women understand another language

the chat of the bees

the magic of photosynthesis

the sadness of the big city

and the freedom that burns into chaos.

Mariana Rodríguez is a mexican editor and a writer. She runs a small DIY
editorial house called Cohuiná Cartonera. Her blog
is Her Twitter: @MGilmouRimbaud

Sketch by Unica Zürn, 1965

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