Lust Thrust Thursdays: Let’s Start with the Head

It’s the stain on Lewinski’s navy blue dress.

It’s the awkward southern kiss celebrating your third mensiversary with your high school boyfriend.

It’s the myth of Osiris blowing her brother back to life.

It’s hoping the words “penisinduced choking” won’t be your official cause of death. Fellatio is a lot of things to different people, so we’ll stay on the subject for the next couple of Lust Thrust Thursdays. Let’s start with a short story from one of our contributors, Amanda Earl.

How I Learned to Give Good Head

by Amanda Earl

Yes, I met him online and to be honest, I wasn’t all that attracted to him, but it was almost New Year’s Eve and I didn’t have any plans. The snow was already falling hard here in Ottawa. My downtown bachelorette’s apartment was closing in on me. It was my first holiday season alone ever. In my new life as a single woman, I set out to be bold and sexually adventurous. I packed my sheer black stockings, a red lace garter, a push up black bra, some condoms, a small bottle of travel lube, and not much else. I took the bus to Montreal where he met me at the station. His name was Stephen, he was short by my standards, maybe 5’6. His eyes were hazel. I like tall men, long hair and any eye colour but hazel. Still he’d charmed me into taking a two hour trip on a bleak wintry afternoon in order meet a man I didn’t know. That meant he had some talent. I was curious enough to discover what it was.

Was there chemistry between us? Not really. He made me pay for the cab by convincing me he would pay for dinner that night. I had just forked over $50 on a two way bus ride, so I was already a tad cynical. But I paid.

His apartment was early twenty first century barren with almost no furnishings to speak of.

There were no bookshelves and no books. I am immediately suspicious of the person who doesn’t own books. How do they spend their time? How do they escape from the drudgery of reality?

In his living room, we sat on the couch for a few minutes and kissed. It was ok. I was still somewhat immersed in the idea of my adventurous sexy self, so I took my role seriously and used my best kissing techniques, tongue over lips, gentle feathery kisses, bottom lip suck, etc. One of the things that had bonded us online was that he loved to receive oral sex and I loved to give it, so it wasn’t long before he had his pants off and I was on the floor at his knees, or rather
at his crotch, licking and sucking at his cock.

“Not bad,” he said, but I could teach you a few things that men will thank me for later.”

I love arrogance in a man. That was another thing that had me interested in Stephen from our chats. I suppose I should have felt insulted, but I have always loved to learn. Let me tell you that no man so far had complained about my cock sucking abilities. I let them go as deep as they wanted down my throat and licked them for a good long time. After a while my jaw got tired or we simply became interested in other things; sometimes they came down my throat, but that didn’t happen too often. Perhaps I did have something to learn, after all.

I looked up at Stephen and nodded. He placed my right hand around his shaft. His cock wasn’t particularly large or thick, which was fine. It was your standard six incher with a graceful dusky purple head.

“The important thing is to use your hands,” he said. “Then get the cock nice and wet with your tongue and mouth. That’s right, take it in your mouth,” he urged.

I slipped his cock between my lips and started to deep throat it.

“No, just the head, hon.”

I backed off and wet his cockhead with my tongue.

“Now move your hand up and down around the cock and let the wetness run down onto my shaft, honey.”

I followed his commands, getting turned on by being ordered and at the same time wondering if he still remembered my name. He cupped my head with his hand and guided me in rhythm to the strokes of his cock as it moved in and out of my mouth.

“Make your lips nice and slack. Move your hands in time to the strokes.”

He was sounding more and more urgent. Still my rhythm was staccato. I looked up into his eyes again, worried that I wasn’t making the grade. He put his hands around my hand and stroked, getting me to follow his rhythm.

“Now lick the rim,” I let my tongue follow round and round the head of his cock, round and round, round and round as we pistoned his cock in and out of my mouth, the saliva and precum running down onto my face and chest.

He took out his cock and I felt disappointed.

“You haven’t earned the right to swallow my cum, sweetheart.”

He stood up and jerked his cock off while he looked down upon me and soon the cum shot out of his cock and all over my face. I was exceptionally turned on; my cunt was soaked. I wanted more, but I wasn’t getting it.

He went to the bathroom to clean up and then let me go in there too, but only after he was done. I didn’t have long before he shouted out to me that we were going out to dinner. My legs were still shaky, but I was hungry and looking forward to what I imagined would be a sumptuous dinner in Montreal. I didn’t have time to don my sexy undergarments for the adventure.

We walked a few blocks to a Chinese restaurant that was, like his apartment, quite bare. I swear that nothing on the menu was over ten dollars. He ordered us a big bowl of soup, very thin on the meat, with a few thin slices of green onion on top for decoration. I tried not to calculate that this meal would cost him about half of the amount I’d paid for the cab. My mouth was still tired from the cock sucking anyway.

After dinner we walked to a nearby video store where he picked out two videos, not asking me what I’d like. One was some Disney film, which struck me as odd, and the other some Cheech and Chong like buddy on the road movie or something that sounded dull.

We went a bit further, walking in the deep snow of Montreal streets. I was surprised to see a woman feeding pigeons in the snow. She’d dug a bit of an indentation and placed seed on top. Stephen, for some reason, decided to stop and help her pour the feed from a big bag of seed. We watched while the pigeons swooped down through the snow, cooing and jockeying for position as they pecked up the seed. I felt happy to witness Stephen’s unexpected generosity and hopeful for the evening to come.

We walked on further at a rapid pace. My legs were really sore from the heavy snow and the pace and the fact that I’d spend the better part of an hour on my knees shortly before our excursion. We stopped at a grocery store where Stephen bought a big sack of oranges. Then we went back to his place.

He gently placed everything on a chair by the door, including his clothes. I stripped and left my clothes on the floor, which he took no notice off. Then he kissed me, and led me into his dark bedroom. He didn’t turn on the lights, just sat on the edge of the bed. I took my position once more on the floor at his feet and watched as he stroked himself. While he stroked he told me what he liked about good fellatio:

“It works on two levels for me first the physical feeling is immense. Immense in the sense of “whole.” I can feel every movement of mouth on cock, each loosening and tightening of the lips, the wetness, the teeth if the giver chooses to and …the tongue…ah, the tongue and how it touches into the little hole, around the rim, up & down the shaft… warm, wet, textured tongue— faster & slower as the mood dictates.

The second level is imagination…the matching of the mouth to the cunt…the feeling that my cock is being fucked by the tightest, most responsive, cunt ever known—the clutching of lips around the shaft and the teasing up and down and moving faster and faster in concert with tongue gives a feeling of pleasure that cannot be duplicated in any other way— and, yes, it can be better than regular fucking. It’s a warm surrounding allen compassing pulse that is in tune with the pulse of my increasingly excited cock bringing it to a point at which it can’t stop…. it’s no longer thought— it’s all passion, emotion, feeling, being lost in an ever rising wave of energy…. and as my eyes flick open and watch you totally engaged in giving pleasure…ah the feeling of completeness….”

With that he slid his swollen cock into my mouth and I licked it as he described. I made my mouth like a cunt, tightening around the cockhead and going slack, wetting it while my hands encircled the shaft tightly and moved in rhythm to the way he’d been stroking himself, a kind of quick four four time step with cock and hand and mouth acting as the orchestra. I took his balls in my other hand and let my fingers play along the sack as it grew tighter. I bent my head down to lap and suck at his balls. I cupped them gently in my hand, while my other hand squeezed on his shaft and my tongue traced the slit. I sucked more of his cock into my mouth, giving it soft gentle tugs with my mouth. He moaned as I sucked and licked and touched his cock. He touched my head and pushed me in closer. I nuzzled the hair above his cock, licked just above, leaned in close to inhale the musky scent of him and then took the head of his cock into my mouth again, warming him with my hot breath. I felt his cock throbbing in my mouth. I knew he would come soon. I opened my mouth wider and pressed my breasts against the tops of his thighs. Then I moved back and he pushed me away and once again came on my chest and face. My legs were weak and shaky.

After he was done, I rose.

“Maybe next time, I’ll come down your throat, babe. Clean up and we’ll watch some videos.”

Part of me was wondering why in heck I’d made the trip to Montreal, to meet him. Still though, I
knew my technique was improving. When I came out of the bathroom, he took his turn. I dressed and headed back into the living room, looking out at the snow still falling. The Disney movie turned out to be this hockey movie that he had a part as an extra in. It was shot out west somewhere, in Saskatchewan. The film was quite dull and I found myself dozing in the chair as I watched Stephen peel and eat orange after orange. He did offer me one, which I ate, worrying a bit that perhaps Stephen was a crazy man. After the next film, he suggested we go to bed and off we went. He turned on the light. The curtains were white and sheer, the bedspread was a white Duvet cover and everything in the room was white. He told me not to get the cover dirty, turned out the light and promptly fell asleep, his body curled away from mine. I watched the snow fall in the glare of the streetlight. I was completely surrounded by white, a pristine new white. This was the way I would end the old year, a year that had begun with the end of my marriage and was ending in bed beside this stranger, this strange man.

The next morning he invited me to watch as he took a bath. We went into the bathroom, I sat on the toilet and he bathed. There were all kinds of products on a shelf in the corner of the stall. He even had a bottle of bleach. I watched while he carefully scrubbed himself down and used various products on his body. After he was done, he suggested I bathe also, but he didn’t stay to watch.

I didn’t linger in the tub too long, came out wrapped in one of his sterilized towels. I found him sitting on the bed and I knew what he expected. I took my place on the floor and licked him once more. This time I took more time before I let his cock into my mouth. I licked it and stroked it with my fingers, I encircled his shaft and placed it against my breasts. I tantalized him with every movement. The sun lit the whiteness of the room so that it was a brilliant, blinding white. When I took his cock into my mouth, I looked up at him and into his eyes and smiled. I knew I was going to make this man come. And I knew it didn’t have to do so much with his lessons as it did with my own realization that I could do anything I wanted to do. I’d made a decision to ring in the New Year with this stranger. I was free. And I’d learned something in the bargain. Something I would show a more deserving man in the new year.

“Happy New Year,” I said to myself, as his cum shot down my throat.

“How I Learned To Give Good Head” was originally published in Tasting Him: Oral Sex Stories
(Cleis Press, 2008)

Amanda Earl is a Canadian poet, publisher and pornographer. Her erotic novel, “A World of Yes,” about a woman who falls asleep during her 35th birthday party and misses an orgy, came out in 2015 as an ebook with DevilHousePress. Her first collection of smutty tales “Coming Together Presents Amanda Earl” was published in 2014 with the proceeds of sales going to GMHC, a wordwide AIDS health and support program. Her first book of poetry, “Kiki,” celebrating the ribald and creative days and nights of Montparnasse between the wars, was published by Chaudiere Books in 2014. For more information, please visit or follow her on Twitter @KikiFolle.

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