When Corporate Lawyers Marry

On September 17th, 2016, Frank Bausch, Esq. and Melinda Carmichael, Esq. intend to implement a holding company reorganization (F&M Merger), which will result in F&M Merger owning all of the capital stock of Frank and Melinda combined. Each share of Frank’s and Melinda’s stock issued and outstanding immediately prior to the F&M Merger will automatically convert into an equivalent corresponding share of F&M Merger stock, having the same designations, rights, powers, preferences, qualifications, limitations, and restrictions as the corresponding share of Frank’s and Melinda’s stock being converted. Accordingly, upon execution of the F&M Merger, Frank’s and Melinda’s current stockholders will become stockholders of F&M. The stockholders of Frank and Melinda will recognize a gain for U.S. federal income tax purposes upon the conversion of their shares in the F&M Merger. Pursuant to the aforementioned merger, to which you are cordially invited, a newly formed entity (F&M Sub) may potentially manifest nine months from the above date and fall under the patronage of Frank and Melinda, with Frank and Melinda surviving as a direct, wholly owned subsidiary of F&M Merger.

Brunch will be served.

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