Portals to afterlife opening in the Middle East. When I meet her, her body has dullness not able to hold her properly. She enters through the backdoor. Her vagina like a concert. Penis on a grappling surface. Hard bodies. Carburetted hydrogen filters through the air conditioning ducts. Underage guy is fucked. He limps around the underground car park at Time Warner Building. I type something into my phone. I come from out Indianapolis way. Nine gallons of petrol in my garage. Rich people with scurvy because they can’t stomach fruit. Campfires. Coyotes forage for human bones. A wooden box. Rotten teeth. Bottle on her anus. Me running into lust. His eyesight changing around my shoulder and embracing me. I got the job from Lisa. The trick couldn’t remember my name. Dripping wet from my pussy. I pinched her nipples hard. Guy lifting up my skirt from behind. An Italian who taught me English. Valleys off the Calabrian coast. Condoms burning in the dusk. Rats and retraces of rat’s clawprints. Frankie stands upright over me like he’s the fuck-giver. A woman in the backroom. Puffs of steam. Unpleasant news. I know his every thought. Frankie controls the sex acts. Salmonella poisoning. The recall of produce from Yeoman framers. Magnum PI on the TV. Laboratory engineering rather than liquid taste. They’re an okay batch of Seroquel. A little dab of bromine on the eyelashes. A summer afternoon. Time on the clock in front of him. He’s paid up for four hours. An evil smile on his ass. He orders the others to beg. Carlos orders a coffee then pulls out, spraying his half-aroused cock all over the bed sheets. She’ll drink it. All hot and sloppy. The hotel holds rats with large brains. A shawl around Frankie’s neck. She shivers. Blow-dryers belting out heat. Too much money in my bankroll. Card games in the lobby. Locks on the windows. Thousands of people evacuate via Siem Riep airport. Tourists ride on horse cart. Insatiable stations of HIV. Bodies stormed by a torturous corpse, bones all grey and gold. Unlit gas lamps fall on the floor. Up all night. The back door of a big room. A detective walks in. I kiss her pussy. Throbbing. My wet clit. Lips from his lips. My brother goes behind Sally. He’s boring as a conversationalist. Cock wriggling. Pocket. A packet of Telecine. Latino handing out leaflets in the railway underground. An airport. There’s nothing here for me. A table near the entrance. I ask for coffee. A stampede out the front of the Hotel Theresa. A rioting mob. Coloured laser beams from rooftops. A special kind of fuck trying to saddle me up. This new candidate is called Madhab. He asks whether I want to slow dance. He pulls his cock out of Karissa. Fucks, then finishes her off, then reaches for my vagina. He clutches it, but it doesn’t hurt me much. He’s panting heavily. This doesn’t go unnoticed. Scratches on his torso. The impact of his hips against my ass jars. A tape deck. A stout, iron-grey man in uniform. I can feel it all over. I lay in the East River Park. To the right I see streetlight. Other people at the First Avenue subway stop. I pull down my hat. I skim the front page of the New York Post. No trees left in Morningside Heights. I throw down the New York Post. Outbreak of contagion in NYC. Special orders from the War Department. He orders that I wear a short, yellow overcoat. My breasts now open. He grabs his dick and whacks off. Cum on my petticoat. He slides, then penetrates my body. Over her thighs. Reaching under the dress. A sarcastic smile on my face, my eyes. He looks at my big round skirt from behind. He frantically flips my panty. My hips. My waist. Saliva on his face is warm. The guy misses my voice. I finish my breakfast. A new candidate. Income tax fraud. Deporting Latino immigrants as told by other Latino immigrants. Rice fields flattened by bulldozer digging up landmines. A weapon, a hacksaw, slides away from me. Bomb impacts shake the apartment. The sale of short, ladder-like material. Frankie should bare her filthy hole. I’m curious to get a look in. The detective looks at me. He doesn’t have time to shout. This brings him to a stop. A woman. Her name is Karissa. She certainly had a figure. Arms easy to look at. She lives three blocks from my apartment. I call her up. I speak to her after breakfast. Her husband can’t know about this. I hear him. She uses my juices and rubs cum between her fingers. Underage guy puts Antifreeze in my Brandy. Padlocks on the shower stall. Nations resting on the issue of human rights. The surface of the soil engulfs the Latino. He’s smokes weed again. Coal from an ancient mine pours into West 124th Street. The owner of the business turns up. She checks the ledger. Danni covers my breasts in cum. She begs me to continue. I force her body off me. Her vagina all dark and unshaven. A well-muscled body on her. New candidates passing through reception all the time. They seem well fed. They drop turds all over the bed sheets. Munching noises from the cubicle next door. Bottlecaps snapping loose from the lubricant. Deodorant shoved in my nostrils. Candidates freshening up. Bras in the wastepaper basket. Interrogations conducted with lines of cocaine. Scar tissue cooked like fine French steak. Back rooms with dishes of biologic mutation, armies growing like bits of extended gravel. Scientists hanging out of windows. Lightning outside now. I walk down the windy streets. Vertebral fractures of the world. Scrapbooks of codlings. News clipping of healthy echo. A homeless woman. Cold air bruising my behind. 35-28-34, with height of 5.3”. My tits get crushed by a local boy’s cock. He uses local language. Double attacks on my anus. She drags a fingernail across my panty. Finally they both cum inside me. Zeroing in on my rectum. A wet massage for fifteen minutes. Throbbing. Burning in passion. Looking at myself in the steamed mirror. Three cauliflower ears and one repeating. The revolver came out ready. The bullet penetrates the wound. Radioactivity. All animal and insect experiments. The human nervous system does this ugly prod to dogs and guards to protect you. Tell him to quit smoking. They say people have no feeling of anger towards him. Another brother from behind. Karissa comes all over me. Half-aroused. A couple of fingernails in my mouth. Coke on the tabletop. A good taste sprinkled on my shoulders. Three sets of eyes following my arse between the bed sheets. Cock hard getting inside me. I play the dirty man in this scene. Pretending to want to turn a trick. Cock entering me. Condoms in coat. Me by laying down a hundred dollar note. Madhab shows her my large breasts. Some other guy jumps on my behind. He pinches my ass wide apart. I get drilled by this old girl. My pussy trickle is barely happening. Madhab holds back my large breasts. I’m tired until beyond. Three further boys consume the old girl. I tear my blouse. Buttons on the linoleum. A new load into my pussy. Underage guy covers his head in sackcloth. Death caused by pouring Visine into his Mountain Dew. Rectal bleeding. Nausea attacks. I’m sound asleep. Waiting to get a room at the Edison Hotel. I buy into a new life. I duck down. Cut up my skin. Hit dance then move on. Let the game unfold. I gasp. Carlos screams. His cock promising him anything he wants. Muscles spring into action. My jaw pinning my tongue to Karissa’s asshole. A new candidate called Usha. She plays a maid. She is fucking hot. She makes me cum, then turns me around. Two buck-naked studs fuck my ass. All the new candidates are woman. Myriad television screens with their facial expressions on show. Carlos only has one question. Where should he fold my clothes? I’m hesitating in my scenes. The experiments induce the required memories. They’re only replicating five thousand memories per week. That’s clearly not enough. Heat upon sweat upon a stack of five thousand US$. I need a haircut. I head out onto the boulevard. You men are all interested in something different she tells me. Of course, I tell her. I sit down at the kitchen table. My little compact. Spend months on the street and it’s all the same. Subway stations. Parks. Political images. The male form. Psychiatrists cutting in from Chicago via Siem Riep. Priests offering sermons from the perspective of defeat. Literally unimaginable clones. A new candidate called Lisa. She favours me by answering yes to any proposition. My cum-filled cunt is red raw. When I wake I have to find out what happened. My white legs twisted painfully. I’ll submit to you in the morning. Fucking the crap out of my body. A new plan in my brain. This new candidate is obviously a doctor. She says her name is Danni. She inserts her hands into my rib cage. She tells me what to do. It involves arse. Tight-fitting. Green mucus. Blood and cum on the bathroom tiles. We giggle. Urine in tumbler glasses. My handbag. A man pounds my ass. He’s deep up in my asshole. He’s squeezing two dresses off me. I nod. Thick cum drizzling from my butt. Karissa breaks down. The face of POTUS on the newsstand. Importunity and enthusiasm about Arsenio Hall’s comeback. Wooden enemies of Lou Adler and Paula Abdul. Underage guy and I scuttle out of the underground car park. Williamsburg Bridge atomises. Prisoners on Rikers suffer severe penal incarcerations, punishment. Faintly she shows her nipples and areolas to the TV screen. An erection poking me in the groin. I show him my pussy. Surprisingly he doesn’t please me. I wake up at night. It is chilly. He tries gentle persuasion on me. I’m naked in front of a stranger. He says he has a kinky side. One hand on top of my balls. Government buildings are garrisoned in flame. People die of starvation. Charcoaled dogs with a lower tone of voice than Cesar Romero.

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