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Love Blood // The Establishment

I’d Like To Feel Safe // Prelude

Freedom Flotilla //  Mondoweiss 

Let Us All Be Well // Jacket2

Points of Light // Organism For Poetic Research

Korean Thanksgiving // Aeon

Unfit Art // Artnet

Urgencies From Your Time // Poetry Foundation

Nobody’s Ready To Feel Better // LA Review Of Books

We Are Not Good At Forever // The Rumpus

I Def Need A Thousand Dates // Sink Review

Genres Of Missing // Bluestockings Magazine

This is How To Be Honest // Dreginald

Love Tell Me You Don’t // The Offing

Inconsistant Person // Mask Magazine

Unpaid /The Nation

A Transitory Place // Poetry London

Hair // Brown Girl Magazine

Spiritually Intense Blowjobs // Hyperallergic

Dealing With Feelings // The Guardian

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