Songs About Books: THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE by Shirley Jackson



This installment of Songs About Books is inspired by Shirley Jackson’s supernatural/psychological thriller The Haunting of Hill House (1959). This classic novel follows scientist Dr. Montague’s investigation of supernatural goings-on at Hill House. Though all of the participants assembled to live at Hill House are affected by their stay there, many of the strange events that follow center around Eleanor, a childlike woman.

I wrote the song from Eleanor’s point of view. Throughout the book, Eleanor dwells on a phrase that she can’t place and which she figures is from a song she can’t remember. The phrase is “journeys end in lovers meeting,” and I used it in the refrain of the song. It’s actually a line from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, though Eleanor never figures that out in the book.

A new collection of Jackson’s writing, Let Me Tell You, was released this summer on Random House.



Lauren Kinney is a writer and musician in Los Angeles. She also teaches music to
children, which gives her an excuse to play the recorder and square dance. She is
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