SAITO coalesced out of the current wellspring of digital rights, cyborgology, drone warfare, and ongoing dreams of emergent cities/societies/networks (THE FUTURE IS ALWAYS WRITING ON THE WALL).



Digital graffiti cannot be painted over.  

The images of STREET PROJECTIONS owe their existence to a continued meditation on class, cityscape and revolutionary language, appropriating the space of advertisement, as it may masquerade over draconian architecture (concrete and looming in its application of power), producing a sort of RETERRITORIALIZATION, an open-ended and endless conversation.



The tension between ephemeral works embedded in public landscapes.

SAITO sings criticism to the dereliction of the parking garage; SAITO sings transience–these places will eventually be graves–MOVE ALONG, SAYS THE CITY, NOTHING TO SEE HERE.



A multi-layered impermanence (these works can only be seen at night, shadows obscure them, when the projector is turned off they disappear) countered by their ability to be projected anywhere in the city or world.

SAITO sings change. SAITO is an experiment in the networked experience of sites, always private and public, always hoping to catch fire. SAITO is a performance, and will soon provide immersive, 360 degree documentations, for those too far away to walk these streets.


 Insurrectionist art that eludes opposition with mutability.

SAITO is open, working intensively to develop projection artivist language systems (P.A.L.S.) to support other groups as they create and distribute their own projection and language based tactical media. SAITO can be found with some things you might need here:

This text was a collaboration between SAITO (Roman text) & Natalia (Italics).

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