LOST IN THE FOG: Wednesday, 5/4

“I feel like if I watched sports on a TV like this, I’d get sucked into the screen.” — Daisuke

Welcome to one of the shortest, sitcom-iest LOST IN THE FOG entries. What did Yu do today? He went to Junes, ’cause he had the day off from school. Who did he go with? Yosuke, who’s totally in love with him, and Kou, who’s totally in love with him. Daisuke was there! And they even brought Nanako! Wacky!

I wonder what it’s like for the two of them, “hanging out” under false pretenses. It’s possible that they’re not fully conscious of their feelings for Yu. Burgeoning sexuality is tricky like that. For what it’s worth, I’d speculate that Kou is a little more comfortable in his own skin. Yosuke, good ol’ bumbling Yosuke, is the one who’s having some trouble figuring stuff out. It is important to never hold these awkward encounters against them. They are young and excitable. Yu is wise. And also not unlike the number zero?

If it sounds like I’m stretching for time, well. 5/4 was one of those “play for five minutes, get out” days. The scene at Junes does little but reiterate the events of 5/3, albeit less gracefully. A waste of a day off, says I. What do I know? To be honest, I know quite a bit about Persona 4.

Oh! There was one thing! That night, Yu went out to grab a bowl at Aiya, and ran into none other than Chie, the third friend competing for his affections. Chie’s playing it cool, though. A lot cooler than Yosuke. She strikes up a conversation about the dreaded Meat Dimension bowl, and ends the night by parting with some “meat gum.” I do not know what “meat gum” is, but Chie delightedly informs Yu of its “sinewy” texture. Love works in mysterious ways.

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