There is a new Rihanna video! Today, this already probably sounds like ancient history online – since it came out yesterday – but whatever deal with it is still new. Yet it isn’t? So far, 2015 has been pretty blah, so it is always a tad more exciting to wake up to any day that promises to give all of us an opportunity to delusionally attempt believing in a public reality. Rihanna is one of the very few people that a vast amount of people can get excited over. The truth is that with the amount of influence she has attained on multiple fronts, and even industries, she  could release any old trash and everyone would be like “YAAAAASS SLAYYY QUEEEEEEENNNN.”

If I were to succinctly get to the most valuable lessons of the BBHMM video, there would be two. One: it doesn’t matter if you are a top-tier bad guy, Rih is still going to get you. Two: Rih’s friends got her back, and they don’t care if she is being good or bad, they are pretty Ride or Die, in the Ruff Ryders sense.


There is no reason to make everything popular devoid of significance because of its popularity, and in Rihanna we will continue to find much to collectively obsess over. I just hope that she will keep getting more from me than money, because at one point she also had my heart and right now I am not sure she really wants it? Perhaps this unknowingness is what keeps me wanting so bad.

I guess, the point I am trying to make is that I do not have a point, and that is Rihanna’s absolute artistic victory. That she has people theorizing the context of the video clip which she also directed might as well be her triumph. Personally, I just like looking at everything she is involved with in any capacity, I want her brand so bad I would pay money I do not have for anything if it may include further proximity to her.

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