LOST IN THE FOG: Thursday, 4/21

“Well, I do like me some sweets…” – Kou

It took me approximately four minutes to play all of 4/21. I mention this for no particular reason. It is only notable for being (near as I can recall) the shortest day yet, even as it’s a slightly more substantial text than 4/20. As a general rule, talking is a bit denser than fighting. That’s not to suggest that the talking is necessarily more important than the fighting, just that it’s easier to crank out a couple hundred words on Kou than the shadow that looks kinda like a table.

Aha, perfect segue. What is there to say about Kou? He and Yu have hit it off pretty immediately, but then again, Yu seems to hit it off with everyone. I’m working off of pure memory here, but I recall Chie addressing this very point a few days ago. Yu was able to control his Persona without confronting his shadow. What does that mean? Chie thought it made sense, because Yu just has this cool vibe that draws people to him. This is because Chie is totally falling for Yu. And it’s because Persona 4 doesn’t want you to wonder why Yu is so special.

persona 4 6

Undoubtedly though, Yu is special, and Kou gets that. Kou feels it, man. So when he walks up to Yu in between classes and reminds him about basketball practice, it’s hard for him not to come off a little needy. By the time you get deep into Persona 4, as possible Social Links pile up and schedules conflict, Yu becomes a de facto celebrity. He is the quiet teenager who can solve anybody’s problem. He is an excellent listener.

Warning sign: Kou hates his name. If you know somebody who hates their name, you should try and hug them at least once a day. As a storytelling device, it is a bright neon sign that blinks on and off.

He also spends a little time wistfully complaining about a “girl problem.” In this case, “girl problem” translates to: “I wish this girl would stop making me candy and also realize that Kou is a terrible name.” Rest your head on Yu’s shoulder, Kou. It’ll all be okay.

There’s an undeniable queerness that runs throughout many of Yu’s same-sex friendships, especially in Social Links. Think of thee way Yosuke calls Yu “partner” all the time, and the way Kou acts around him in this scene. Persona 4, sadly, does not allow Yu to pursue any queer relationships. Despite that, you could always live out the fantasy of a confirmed teenage bachelor, coyly flirting with every cute, troubled boy who comes to him for some totally platonic life advice.

Yu is radiant. People are just drawn to him, y’know?

persona 4 7


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