LOST IN THE FOG: Monday, 4/25

“The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick!” — Brisk student

As somebody who’s studied in art schools for the last six years or so, take my advice: never trust an actor. In my current art school, the “actors” are unseen creatures that live on the fifth floor. I live on the fourth, with the writers. While workshopping a story, we will occasionally hear what sounds like a stampede of large animals coming from the fifth floor. Without fail, one writer will turn to the group, announcing disgustedly:


Writers are susceptible to a comfortable, low-key narcissism that drives their every thought. Actors, on the other hand, want as many people to know about their narcissism as possible. In a choice between two narcissists, always pick the quiet one.

This brings us to 4/25, one of the final days that Yu will be able to justify skipping out on Yukiko. After a hard day yesterday, he felt he deserved a break, though Chie does remind him that the fog is fast approaching. Yu notes this impending disaster, and pencils in some spelunking for 4/26. Today, though.

Culture clubs.

persona 4 2

Yu had two choices: band or drama. These are some classic high school options right here. And while I, Evan, am certainly more of a musician than an actor (I’ve put out three albums; I played Lysander in a middle school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Yu strikes me as the kind of guy who wouldn’t be into sitting still and running scales. Drama it is.

The social hierarchy of the scene is easy to spot. Students stand in a pathetic half-circle, warming up their “instruments” with tongue-twisters. Two students standing next to each other engage in playful banter, which is actor speak for “flirting.” At the top of the heap is Yumi, a stern and dedicated actress who definitely definitely isn’t compensating for any holes in her personal life. What kind of game do you think this is?

She takes a pretty immediate interest in Yu, especially when she remarks that he’s “good at following orders.” Kou would never talk to Yu like that. Sports – 1, Arts – 0.

Only time will tell which club Yu finds himself drawn to. My expectations are realistic here; I won’t be able to max out every Social Link in Persona 4. I doubt I could achieve that without a guide, and especially not when Yu wants to go eat spicy tofu bowls every night. Sooner or later, Yu and I are going to have to start making social cutbacks. Chie? She’s definitely in. Yosuke? We’ll feel it out. Drama club or basketball? Eh. Kou’s adorable, but Yu might not want to toy with his emotions.

All told, it’s another day of new experiences, damaged high school students, and mind-numbing guilt. He’s put off saving Yukiko so completely that I doubt he’ll be able to do the same if, god forbid, another person needed rescuing. Until then, Yu does what he can to attack the day.

persona 4 3

You think this is bad? Imagine spending all your time one floor beneath an actor’s den.

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