Review: 12.5 Points | While We’re Young

While We’re Young

1.       I identified more with the older couple.

2.       There are lots of ladies in underwear.

3.       The Rodney Dangerfield LP is too prominently placed in shot to be believable.

4.       Reminded of Ben Stiller in 1994’s Reality Bites. Were there no youth movements in the intervening decade? These movies bookend Stiller’s Frat Pack era.

5.       The last line is cheesier than an old man with a hat.

6.        In the latter third, the movie jarringly becomes a thriller, like Black Swan. Although this does lend it more momentum than the proposed Ira Mandelstam documentary.

7.       It’s less depressing than Greenberg.

8.       The end rant is too obviously a generational diatribe.

9.       Age is less of a concern to stand-ups.

10.     JP Morgan is not a hedge fund.

11.     Adam Driver’s character is infuriating. Preferred him in This Is Where I Leave You.


SOLNESS For I have been so lonely here. I have been gazing so helplessly at it all. I must tell you—I have begun to be afraid of the younger generation.

HILDA Pooh—is the younger generation something to be afraid of?

SOLNESS It is indeed. And that is why I have locked and barred myself in. I tell you the younger generation will one day come and thunder at my door! They will break in upon me!

HILDA Then I should say you ought to go out and open the door to the younger generation.

SOLNESS Open the door?

HILDA Yes. Let them come in to you on friendly terms, as it were.

SOLNESS No, no, no! The younger generation—it means retribution, you see. It comes, as if under a new banner, heralding the turn of fortune.

From Ibsen’s The Master Builder

12.5 Are you okay, son?

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