come party with the Queen (AWP chaos)

yes, late night Thursday at AWP is your chance to hang with the Queen(s), kiss their hands, drink beer, eat pizza, listen to music, words, pitch us ideas about crazy posts (we’re always wanting to talk crazy shop) chat and scream about teapots and hedgehogs and broets and poets and doents and the way the world spins around the written word, blah, blah—-

Russell and the Foxes will be there—-

Donald and the Hack-Machine-Ultra-Madness Ra-Ra-Ra

Rachel with her Eyes on a Plate (Luz, Luz, Luz)—-

Reb and The Rabble Rousers—–

etc etc etc etc etc etc

more details about when/where/lineup available here

pizza party


and remember: what happens with The Queen STAYS with The Queen

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