yes, how would you like to write for us???


well, right now we’re looking to bring on 4 or 5 regular contributors as well as an assistant editor. And I’m sorry but right off the bat I need to say that we can’t offer any payment. I know, I know– it’s all about LOVE, my darlings. and that seems like a lot. (sorry, But I’m recovering from the Flu and when I’m sick I get sentimental). I just, though, remembered that in the past we’ve mentioned that we’d treat people to ice cream. And so, yeah, that’s a possibility.

Also, it helps if you’re a rabbit or hedgehog. And if you are a rabbit or hedgehog it would be nice if you sent us a picture or two. (nothing pornographic, plz– nudge, nudge– know what I mean? — seriously, though, no porn!!).

Some Details and Expectations–

Assistant Editor: this person will help our editors by drafting up and publishing posts of some of the work we’ve accepted. It would be helpful if candidates for this position have some experience in working with images as we believe that style is just as important as substance and we want the site to look good! In addition the person we bring on as assistant editor will be able to draft up and publish their own posts whenever they want just like any other regular contributor. (So, then, it would be nice if this person is eager to publish their own work!)

Regular Contributors: We’re looking here for people who will post regularly. And variously. Fun, serious, and fun/serious. Art, lit, music, movies, gaming, fashion, politics, social and gender issues, etc. But, of course we’ll consider people who might write most often on the serious side. Likewise for those on the fun side. What we are after as a website is to have a diverse, interesting mix of people, view points, ideas, images.

We’d like to see “craft” essays.

We’d like to see opinion pieces.  (nothing hateful, though.)

We’d like to see posts that are part of a regular series.

We’d like to see reviews, essays, etc—

We’re open to new things,

etc, etc,….

Note: there’s a really wide range of material (content and form) that goes up on our site but one of our rules (and there are NOT many of them) is that regular contributors do not self-publish their own poems or fiction.

Note: it would be REALLY helpful if you have some WordPress experience!!

Please familiarize yourself with our website before contacting us. Some things should go without saying, but,…

Along with a note telling us a bit about yourself and what sort of things you might post it would be nice and perhaps helpful if you included a copy of an essay, review, op-ed or humor/humour piece that you think might work for the site. Please see our About page for some ideas on the kinds of things we’re looking for. And please come up with something fresh!  And if you don’t send a finished piece then perhaps a nice outline of it. (note: even if we don’t take you on as a full time regular contributor we may well wish to publish this piece!)

we look forward to hearing from you!

and if you’re not interested in writing for us but are a fan of Queen Mob’s then please help spread the word about this!


please send all queries and info to other [at] queenmobs [dot] com

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