Unexpected Consort?

When they found her body on the mountain slope she was covered head to toe in blood-stained animal fur. This was not fur piled atop of her. It was fur that had obviously been sewn into a fabric-form able to encase her.

As soon as the medical examiner had her in his autopsy room, and opened her legs, following procedure as usual to fill out the rape kit information, inside of her he found something that shocked him. Though, finding a dead woman inside of a fur-wrap in the woods might imply what he found, it still fiercely rocked his perception.

Within her vaginal cavity: hundreds of small tooth-pick-like slivers bound together with a deteriorating string. What were these? Porous, yet smooth—bright bone white.

When he got the results back from the lab he blanched. Did she put these into herself? So many penis bones from dead animals, gathered together like a bouquet or bushel of dried herbs within her carnal canal.

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