Lauren Alyssa Howard


Humid-laden Thoughts Like the Chattahoochee on The Hottest Day of August, 2015
Graphite on Cut-Out Paper, Wallpaper, Cedar Veneer, Vinyl


Power Play (detail), 2015
Graphite and Charcoal on Cut-Out Paper, Cedar Veneer


An Embrace Made So Hollow it Feels Like Death, 2015
Graphite on Cut-Out Paper, Wallpaper, Cedar Veneer, Vinyl


An Embrace Made So Hollow it Feels Like Death (detail)


If Ever You Loved Me At All (Situation System Failure), 2013
Mixed Media


A Permanent Malaise, 2012
Mixed Media
Varied dimensions


Lauren Alyssa Howard was born and raised in a small town in Southeastern Alabama. After moving to the Metro-Atlanta area in 1996, she attended the University of Georgia where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Drawing. Quoting her rural upbringing, Howard uses references from a particular lower-middle working class history to address identity, gender, and place. She has received multiple scholarships and awards such as the Las Damas de Arte Scholarship and the Jack and Jeanne Endowment Fellowship in Art, and most recently a fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center. Her work has been exhibited nationally and has most recently been shown at HERE Arts in NYC, Aljira Fine Art Center, and The Contemporary Art Museum of Tampa. She is looking forward to upcoming shows at the Mom Gallery in Austin, TX and Los del Patio in the Republic of Panama. Having found her way back to the South after receiving her Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of South Florida and living and working in Brooklyn, NY, she now teaches at Auburn University.


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