Cracking Conspiracies: Who Killed Nemtsov?

Four bullets inside of me

It was on February 27 2015 that I found out about Boris Nemtsov’s death. I was in shock. The word is still an understatement. The last time I had such a feeling was on December 9 1980, the day of my idol’s murder, John Lennon. Although it is said “You shall not make for yourself an idol” Boris Nemtsov (tall, slim, athletic, handsome, manly) was also my idol. Many years ago (1912) Russian poet Boris Pasternak wrote:                        

« February. Get ink, shed tears.
Write of it, sob your heart out, sin»

These verses as if written for this day. Poets feel through the ages. Poets are true visionaries. I am also a visionary. I can assure you that in one hundred years Russia will be unchanged. It will stand in the same era. Which era, you ask? I can easily answer. Only one era reigns in Russia. The era of political repression, the еra of killings, the era of humiliation…

February. Get ink, shed tears.

February 27 I took out my virtual ink and wrote words of sorrow

Many of my friends have responded to these words. In Russia, besides all its outrages, live many wonderful people. They remain human although they’re conditioned to behave otherwise. About an hour after Nemtsov’s murder, against the background of silence authorities, were active correspondence between my friends and I . The dark walls of the Kremlin government finally spoke out. Liquid sperm thrown to the masses from M.Huylo

-Political provocation! He said. But he really forgot to ad – political provocation orchestrated by me on “special operation forces” day!

Then an obscure roar from the dwarf bear – Prime Minister of Russia:

-This is an attempt of the foreign special services to destabilize the situation in our country!

-Mr. Prime Minister, I object, – No intelligence agency of the world can destabilize the country the way you achieved in destabilizing yours.

These aligations were supported by the statement of the attractive but stupid prosecutor of Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya:

-This was a crime passionnel, an act of sexual nature.

Dear readers, you cannot imagine what «sexual delights» await her in women’s prison when Crimea returns to Ukrain.

Then a bearded muzhik patriot speaks up:

-This is a sacred sacrifice!

-Whose? – Asked him a fidgety anchorman.

– Anglo – Saxons, decisively replied the patriot. The Kremlin feeds well those who speak the right speech.

– And inserted a fat woman with eyes of a thief. -In these moments, we must all become patriots of the Motherland!

Dear readers, if someone in Russia shouts about patriotism this is a clear sign that he stole something.

The newspaper «Unbelievable» reported that Nemtsov was killed by aliens.


-To pick up his genome!

In theory, this is a good reason. If Russia doesn’t need people like Nemtsov – the aliens can have him.

However smart and talented, such people are never wanted in Russia.

In this sea of theories, the only one that has not been put forward by the Kremlin is the theory of truth: Nemtsov was killed by M. Huylo.

Nowadays there are fashionable theories of physics such as «A plurality of parallel universes»

Our lifes feel like a ride inside a train wagon.

At the time of death we change trains to a new universe.

I would hope that in his new universe Boris Nemtsov lives in a just and fair Russia.

My words may sound like blasphemy but such a death, like that of Nemtsov’s, must be earned!

Today I want (I think that Boris Nemtsov would forgive my audacity) to put a signature on this article. Je suis Boris Nemtsov

Post updated 13th April 2015.


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