Submit Your Craft Essays!

Here’s the thing: writing is hard. I consider it a triumph whenever I’m able to put a sentence together. So help me out. Send me your craft essays, and teach me how to do word stuff.

I would like to see essays on:

  • Writing fiction
  • Writing poems
  • Writing essays
  • Writing essays about writing essays
  • Writing essays about writing essays about writing essays
  • Being funny
  • Maybe doing art? I don’t know?
  • WHATEVER YOU CAN DREAM OF (that is still somehow related to craft)
  • Etc.

They can be funny. They can be serious. They can be useful. They can be terrible (though I probably won’t publish the terrible ones). They just have to be about craft in some shape or form.

Submit your essays and/or questions to Don’t let the email address fool you; I’m looking for essays right now. If you send me fiction (right now), I reserve the right to thump you on the nose.

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