Sight Unseen: Birdman 4

Oh man, Riggan Thomas is back. Ok. Look, BIRDMAN 4 is the Yoda-yodelling clusterfuck movie event… of the Dísablót. We’re talking scenes where Birdman can’t find his shoes… killer mosquitoes… AND FUCKING ARBY’S TAKEOUTS!

I mean… the crowd I saw this movie with were LIKING it a whole bunch. It’s no BIRDMAN, maybe not a BIRDMAN 2, but… man, it shits on BIRDMAN 3. It’s like… BIRDMAN 3 is holy fuck not so good as BIRDMAN 4!

Set during Walpurgis Night, BIRDMAN 4 sees Birdman take on a FREAKIN’ SCOURGE of Jonathan Franzens walking the city… shooting out FREAKIN’ SARAFEM at everyone. I gotta say… the whole crowd went shitballs when, like, six Franzens were totally doing their thing… man.

BIRDMAN 4 is, like, what we talk about when we talk about FREEDOM, man! It’s NOVELIST VS. FLYING FREAKIN’ LEGEND and that’s the sort of shit I’ve been dreaming about since kindergarten.

You’ll lose your senses… you’ll carve BIRDMAN 5: IT GOTTA HAPPEN into Yggdrasil… you’ll never read again!

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