M %@!&$ F *?+# R (a scholarly article)

Motherfucker! I slammed my fucking finger with the goddamn hammer.
Motherfucking sonofabitch! Can you believe I left all the notes for my presentation on the kitchen table?
Those motherfucking bloodsucking Wall Street bastards!!
Motherfuck, Jesus and Mary! Will you tell those goddamn kids to shut up before I have to go in there and give em some what for?
Motherfucking goddamn whore of the world, Jesus fucking Christ! If I get ahold of that bitch she’ll wish she was never born.

Overused, yes, but a most useful ejaculation, a term which refers to any loud emphatic interjection in which the emotional content overshadows the referential content.
These ejaculations get your attention, arouse an emotional response, put the conversation on an entirely different level. Unless (bitch) of course it (bitch) is Tourette’s Syndr (bitch)drome, in which case there is neither emotional nor referential content, but a verbal tic in the ejaculation center of the brain, a spasm in the cursing department of the brain stem far away from all control by the higher cognitive centers where ethics and social propriety exercise top-down control from the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex, where curse words and other ejaculations find no room for existence because referential content overrules emotional expression, leading to an over-intellectualized depletion of passion and beauty.
Goddammit! There I go again. How can I be so fucking stupid? Motherfuck! She will never forgive me this time. Mother of God, Jesus H. Christ! What can I possibly do?







Mac Greene fervently wishes to be an emerging writer, but mostly he feels tangled in the cocoon.

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