“Sight Unseen” – Submission Guidelines

I’m the worst writer. I don’t even believe in writing. When you read my next book you will know that, yes, he’s the worst writer. And, yes, he doesn’t even believe in writing. Maybe you know these things already.

But I want your writing for our new Sight Unseen Reviews series.

Yes, this means reviews of movies or other things you have NOT seen or read. And by you I mean you the reviewer. But I also want it to mean WE- that is I mean I want you to review stuff/movies that none of us have seen.

Except in writing you will have to see the movie*. See it in your imagination as you review it. You will have to kind of make it. Yes. Please.

So, what movies* are fair game?

Short Answer: all movies

Long Answer: see below (yawn) (no, not yawn. excited!)

——– Hollywood Stuff

——– Indie Stuff

——– Old Movies

——– New Movies

——– Classics

——– Documentaries

——– Shorts

——– Forthcoming Movies

——– Movies only to be found in your reviews*

*Made-up movies which no one, of course, will see. (Unless you miraculously predict a future movie. Or someone sees your review and then makes that movie because you’ve made it so compelling already. Made it come alive, as it were, etc, etc).

We have four sight unseen reviews so far: Mr. Turner, Tarzan (2016), Fast & Furious (7), and Antichrist 2. Maybe check them out to get some ideas from what Erik Kennedy, Rachel Milligan, Gary J. Shipley and Mario Andretti have done with this exciting but delicate form.

*-- books, video games, TV shows--- all fair game as well


Plz send all pitches, queries, completed masterpieces and abuse to other(at)queenmobs(dot)com. And, please, enjoy the movies! Popcorn optional. Though I highly recommend it. But easy on the salt.

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