LIVE POEMING submission guidelines

super soaker
This is a video of what LIVE POEMING is: a Super Soaker (poet) filled with boiling water (experience of reality) being fired (written action) into immediate poetry (floaty, drifty snow in a soaring, moving line. LOOK how it SPARKLES and FLOWS, WAHOO!).

Poetry, often, is a laborious process that takes time, concentration, and meditation. That’s because poetry is about filtering reality through artful perspective. It’s a way of using abstraction in form and content to better understand ourselves and the worlds we live in. The poet can be removed from and/or reflecting upon direct, real experiences in crafting a poem.

LIVE POEMING, however, inverts this prism; it is dedicated to filtering artful experience through reality. The guttural, the immediate, and the reactionary are front and center.

LIVE POEMING is like a train on fire, a steady course chugging at the pace of whatever iron life you’re beholden to at the moment, affixed to the earth’s rotation, to space, to time, to perceived reality, whose is flames explode, flicker, shine, smoke abstraction different directions wildly! We’re not saying what is and what isn’t fair game to LIVE POEM because it’s ALL fair game!

And, of course, most importantly of all, what LIVE POEMING is is what you want LIVE POEMING to be.

Submit your LIVE POEMING experiences and a brief description about your process and piece to the attention of Russell Jaffe at other(at)queenmobs(dot)com

(important: plz remember to put “att: Russell Jaffe” in the subject)


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