On behalf of everyone involved with Queen Mob’s I, the Queen, would like to apologize for the callous and brutal manner in which Rauan Klassnik (aka “bird / BIRD / bird”) has been carrying on on Twitter lately.

Twitter is a great place for writers and readers to interact, to dialogue, to share and to grow. And we are dismayed at the way Rauan Klassnik  (aka “bird / BIRD / bird”) has treated a curious Follower who reached out to him through the great and intimidating waves of the interwebs.

I’ll be having a chat with Rauan Klassnik  (aka “bird / BIRD / bird”) and, trust me, this sort of deplorable behavior will NOT happen again.

p.s.  what sort of a dumb name is “bird / BIRD / bird” ???

p.p.s.  what the fuck IS sad butter ???     I NEED to know!!



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