Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m a poet in Philadelphia, the city of loverly shrubs. I’ve been told I’m easily excitable. I’m going to post about poetry and anime at least once. Maybe I’ll also post about ladies, horror, costumes, metal(s), the poetry of L. Ron Hubbard, and/or translation.

Now, let me tell you my thoughts about eggplant. It’s soothing. It’s almost psychoactive. It’s regal, the color of the clothing you wear when you drink tea (namedrop). Inside, it’s necrotic light green. It’s a nightshade sister, gently addictive and/or gently deadly. It shouldn’t be consumed by the sensitive or pregnant. It’s the closest I usually want to get to meat.

I also love popcorn because my brain is full, full, full of powdery nothing.

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