Poem: Russell Bennetts

Playing videogames on Boxing Day (your family just watching)


face-to-face with metal sonic, sonic seems perturbed by sudden smoke
* that * metal sonic stare
metal sonic showing off his ability to disappear and/or teleport
metal sonic is using some mad skills here to fuck up sonic

metal sonic makes an impact when he lands in a jungle base
metal sonic looking directly at you I swear
metal sonic is sweating (how) becaused bae is lifting him up
metal sonic is suffering and so reaches out for sonic’s hand but then, like, at the last moment metal sonic swipes sonic’s hand away wtf

not sure I think metal sonic is malfunctioning I guess he’s a robot so
metal sonic’s evil eyes help distinguish him from sonic
metal sonic and sonic are rivals and are mirroring each other here
this makes it look like sonic is in trouble and metal sonic is winning

fuck you metal sonic gonna stamp on your forever bro


Russell Bennetts is always already Sonic 2sday.

Image by metarlon

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