Tara Campbell Week: Bashar al Assad’s Book Club Reading List

Tara Campbell’s debut novel, TreeVolution, was released Nov. 1 from Lillicat Publishers. All this week on Queen Mob’s Teahouse we celebrate Campbell’s book by showcasing her work. 


Barrel Bombs for Dummies

How to Assassinate Friends and Oppress People

The 7 Torture Techniques of Highly Effective Despots

Executions for Fun and Profit

Genocide in 3 Easy Steps

Tyrants are from Mars, Aid Workers are from Venus

Starvation Soup for the Soul

The Power of Pestilent Thinking

The Joy of Bombing

The Art of Chemical Warfare

Buy Your Election on a Dollar A Day

The Effective Executioner

Who Moved my MiG?

The Autocrat’s Dilemma

Lean On

Getting to OmigodI’llsignanythingpleasestop

Zen and the Art of Regime Maintenance


_dsc8520-2 treevolution_frontcover

Tara Campbell is a Washington, DC-based writer of crossover sci-fi. Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, she has also lived in Oregon, Ohio, New York, Germany and Austria. Tara is the grateful recipient of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities’ (DCCAH) 2016 Larry Neal Writers’ Award in Adult Fiction, and the DCCAH31st Mayor’s Arts Award for Outstanding New Artist. She’s an assistant fiction editor at Barrelhouse, and her monthly column at the Washington Independent Review of Books, Text in the City, covers all things books and writing in the DC area. 

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