Interview: Kim Vodicka Chats About Her Collages

note: the images below are nsfw

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Ars(e) Poe(dick)tic(kl)a

I’ve never considered myself an artist. I always go for the most obvious thing. I think I’m attracted to collage, though, because anyone can do it. Everyone has access to the materials. There’s nothing revolutionary about it anymore. There’s not necessarily any pressure to be brilliant. And as a dumb person, I find this quite convenient.

The thing about these collages is that, while deranged and disturbing, they are just pure dumb fun at heart. I always think art can stand an extra dose (or perhaps even an overdose!) of stupidity and insanity and hilarity. Imagine these botched, grotesque bodies doing the monster mash. The Aristocrats!

I love the idea of pushing these hyper-sexed, amputated paper doll bodies to the extremes of hilarity. I feel like most people take sex too seriously. They want it to be this dark, erotic time, and I just find that kind of ponderous. I like my sex to be fun, funny, and gross, which I think is represented (loud and clear!) here in these images.

kim kollage

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Maybe I’m also trying to make up for the dearth of cock in art history. The female nude has always taken precedence because there is this popular notion of “woman” parts being somehow more intrinsically beautiful, visually appealing, and more worthy of artistic representation than “man” parts. Penises are actually quite cute (especially when soft!) They are like little Pokémon.

I like to force unions between bodies and privates. I feel that this gesture is simultaneously loving and violent. Tough love. It disturbs the gender dichotomy. I like to play, but I don’t always play nice!

This has been The National Lampoontang.  Hungover and out.

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