MISFIT DOC: Flash Autobiography


(Flash Autobiography #1)

So many poets prefer me to be editor, critic or publisher rather than what I consider myself firstly to be: poet.  And, secondly: artist.

The neediness of poets consistently betray me.

Plus, I don’t apparently suffer enough.



(Flash Autobiography #2)

The cat barfed, then pooped outside her litter box.

Not a voice was raised as we cleaned up.

The dog peed in excitement, and he eliminated on the carpet not the tile floor.

Not a voice was raised as we cleaned up.

I heard my husband croon, “Sweeetieee…” as he stroked her fur.

I heard my husband murmur, “Good dog” as he rubbed behind his ears.

I considered whether we were too strict for our son to blossom into flower.


[N.B. The last three words result from misremembering the last three words of James Wright’s poem, “A Blessing”]



(Flash Autobiography #3)

Troll (dismissive tone): If you’re so hot, why haven’t any of your books won that “Global Filipino Literary Award”?

Me (dispassionate tone): Because that award was my idea.

Troll (unbelieving tone): But it’s awarded by that mag, Our Own Voice.

Me (dispassionate tone): That award was my idea for them to give to other writers.

Troll (dismissive tone): Well lookit you, not needing tenure…



(Flash Autobiography #4)

No one knows what I cry over.

No one knows I weep. Daily.

So deeply do I weep each day is marked by five minutes when my face offers the brute ugliness of a smashed plum.

They prefer me, 24-7, to be luminous, radiant…


Eileen R. Tabios loves books and has released about 40 collections of poetry, fiction, essays, and experimental biographies from publishers in nine countries and cyberspace. More information at http://eileenrtabios.com.

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