Putin Test II: Vladimir Savich

Does Putin ever walk the streets in disguise?

This question could beget phantasmagoria in the style of the great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol. I’m reminded of his story, The Nose, about the collegiate assessor Major Kovalyov.

Mr. Putin, known as Huylo, is like Kovalyov. The only difference is that Mr. Putin is the mayor of the KGB.
Huylo doesn’t exist in nature. Huylo is a creature that was created in a secret laboratory by the KGB. Over 15 years this creature (that embodies all Russian complexes) has resembled a drunken Russian bear. A bear that has burst out of laboratory control and represents a great danger to our world.


Such a danger, ladies and gentlemen, greater than the fantasy of Tolkien, Bulgakov, King and Gogol.

Imagine all the people,
Controlled by a wild beast.
You may say I’m a dreamer,
But I’m not the only one.

I heard that he caught more bass last weekend than George W. Bush. Is he not a champion fisherman?

The bottom line is that Huylo is omnipresent like the Maker.

He flew with cranes in the sky. He held tigers as he would harmless lambs. On a deep seabed, Huylo found amphorae aged 3,000 years. Of course, these amphorae were pure like a virgin, manufactured as they were in ancient Rome.


However, it turns out that the cranes were killed. The tigers were dead having received a large dose of sleeping pills.

Putin only catches bass when a diver sits at the bottom of the pond obediently attaching each fish to the hook.

Is there are truth to the rumour that NATO is run by poets?

This is a very interesting question, but I really don’t understand how in a rumour you can find veracity and truthfulness. You’ll find many rumours circulating through bazaars, but we live in a postmodern society.   

Now then, is NATO really run by poets? It is beyond doubt. However, not the poets of the Romantic era (Byron et al.), but rather the postmodernists. Why the postmodernists? Because their texts are often similar to the ravings of a madman. Like the ravings of Huylo.

It seems like Huylo is a hero to the NATO poets. But Huylo invented Kremlin poets.

I want the NATO poets to come out of their ivory tower and find a way to overpower the hero. I don’t want the symbol of our era to once again become John McCrae’s In Flanders Field:

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

But Putin will bail out Greece. He’s a hero!

Today’s Greece, despite a change of political party, is a postmodernist society. And I want to I want to say to the Greeks, it’s better to eat your souvlaki than to hope for assistance from Huylo.

Recently Demis Roussos died and I want to finish with words from his song:

Ever and ever, forever and ever you’ll be the one
That shines in me like the morning sun.
Ever and ever, forever and ever you’ll be my spring,
My rainbow’s end and the song I sing.


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About Vladimir Savich:
Vlad* Savich was born in the USSR, where he was educated, married and fathered his daughter. As soon as the chance appeared to leave, he did. At present he lives in Montreal, where he writes, directs for the theatre and breathes the air of freedom. He can be found online at savich.lit.com.ua.
*He prefers not to be called Vladimir, so as not to be associated with the disreputable activity of a certain barnardine Russian leader.

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