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Rion Amilcar Scott has contributed to The Kenyon Review, Crab Orchard Review, and PANK, among others. His linked story collection, Wolf Tickets, is forthcoming from Tiny Hardcore Press and his short story collection, People in Motion, is forthcoming from University Press of Kentucky. Currently, he teaches English at Bowie State University.

About Submissions

Send humor pieces that go there. That float up on the edge of bad taste. That make us laugh out loud. That are 2,000 words or less (of course I'll look at longer stuff, but that shit gotta be extra funny). Make us think while we laugh, make us uncomfortable, make us sad through our laughter, make us cry, most of all make us feel. Please include a brief cover letter and bio. Attach the piece as a Word document. Send submissions to Underground [at]
Articles I like

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