Reb Livingston


Reb Livingston is the author of Bombyonder (Bitter Cherry Books 2014), God Damsel (No Tell Books 2010) and Your Ten Favorite Words (Coconut Books 2007). From 2004-2011 she was the editor of No Tell Motel, an online poetry magazine. These days she lives in Northern Virginia and curates the Bibliomancy Oracle.

About Submissions

A Misfit Document is a text that doesn’t easily fit into any genre or category. It’s not quite a poem or short story or novel excerpt or essay. Or if it is one of those things, it doesn’t quite qualify as “literary” or sci-fi or mystery or memoir or whatever.

Please include a brief bio & cover letter. No specific file attachment guidelines — it depends on what is being sent. Send submissions to misfit [at]
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