Nandini Balial



Nandini Balial is the Media Editor at Queen Mob’s Tea House. Her work has appeared in Pacific Standard, Men’s Journal, Barrelhouse, Mic, and the BBC America blog Anglophenia. She reluctantly lives and works in Los Angeles.

About Submissions

Types of submissions I'm looking for: Do you have disagree with Eisenstein's theories about montage? Do you love every superhero film of the last six years? Are you a die-hard fanatic of films made before 1975? Is your favorite TV show TAXI? Have you recently discovered Bollywood? Will no one listen to your rhapsodies about Nicholas Cage? 

Send me thoughtful, angry, funny, and gleeful essays on all the above—so long as they're well-defended, I'd be happy to have a look. If you'd like to pitch first—which I prefer that you do—with the subject line QMT Pitch. Hot-takes will not be considered. Send submissions to multimedia [at]
Articles I like

In No One Killed Jessica, Two Women Fight to Prove That Title Is a Lie
The One Underlying Substance of All Story Structure Models: Bullshit
Force Majeure (2014): Portrait Disharmony