Poems: Debarshi Mitra


You whispered
into my ear
a secret prayer
and the day
so delicately hinged
on seven light beams
fell at our feet.


<A word for Autumn>

From between
the rustling leaves
light peeps in.
On the page
the vowels appear
while the consonants
arrange themselves
shaped like little birds
taking flight.



Drowsy afternoon streets
settle on my eyelids ,
the blank page
draws me in,
my eyes linger
over the letters in black
not yet written,
the poem arrives
like a trail of smoke
seen from afar.
The days continue
to pass me by.



Traces of fall,

   the leaves sun dried,

the pond still as ever,

   the afternoon



a bird lonesome,

   the tip of its beak

probing the meniscus.


<Note to Self>

If I could be anything,
anything at all,
I’d be that little part of the sky
glimpsed from your window
at dawn.



along the margins
you’ll find a window
overlooking a quiet
street where words
take shape at twilight,
there you might find me
waiting for you
under a tree
writing this poem.


<Rain in the City>

This right here,
the slow, tumultuous
downpour and the visceral
unravelling of shadow
and memory.
I’m at the verandah
watching the street below
watching the world
gather its fragments,
the spilled gutters
and the endless traffic,
while on the sidewalk
a bare chested boy
sticks out a hand
and asks
for spare change.


Debarshi Mitra is a 24 year old poet from New Delhi, India. His debut book of poems 'Eternal Migrant' was published in May 2016 by Writers Workshop. His works have previously appeared in anthologies like 'Kaafiyana’, ‘Wifi for Breakfast’ and ‘Best Indian Poetry 2018’ and in poetry journals like ‘The Scarlet Leaf Review’ , ’Thumbprint',  'The Punch Magazine' , 'The Seattle Star' ,’The Pangolin Review’, 'Leaves of Ink', ‘The Sunflower Collective’, ‘Coldnoon’ ,‘Indiana Voice Journal’, ‘The Indian Cultural forum’ among various others. He was the recipient of the The Wingword Poetry Prize 2017, the Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize and was long listed for the TFA Prize 2019.

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