FICTION: The Water Is Right at Your Fingertips

A huge mass of childlike hands are in danger of being relayed forward into a strange incarnation.  This kind of incarnation means an imperceptible destruction will take place.

We held an unexpected gathering of those living impersonally during which we have found out that the living experience can be a bit more serious.

We are tied to nothing.

Those who have stayed here, are staying on the basis of an irrational role to search for the same number of letters.

Without few exceptions, only a few individuals are trying to imitate life.

New cubbies and hidey holes are rapidly developing under the collective.  An opening ceremony that didn’t exactly cohere with the “-ism” or the “-ist” was attended by the citizens.

I am not a fish and I am not important from a political point of view.

We were recognized as being incapable of rollicking.  I gradually lost my things. My report is influenced by this disappointing concession.

At this last hour, we are endeavoring to address your human conscience.  The water is right at your fingertips. You can screen it off or send money by mail.

Ana Cottle studied Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley with a concentration in feminist Yiddish poetry. Ana currently serves as the Poetry Editor for Carve Magazine. Her poetry, translations and essay have been published or are forthcoming in Hobart, Alba Journal, Ofi Press, Rabid Oak, Mojave Heart Review, and FIVE:2:ONE among others.

Twitter: @anacottle

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