Afro Latinx Poetry – Paula Ramirez

Paula Ramirez


Slavery in Santurce

The integrity of mi familia has rested between chaos and solace for quite some time. We have lived in four floor walk -ups. Where our feet suffered the constant licks of flames that blazed their way through boogie down boulevards. We watch the fires as Tio explains that slavery is not American or European but VERY Puerto Rican. “Paula” 70% of us were brought to the Carribean so when they ask if you are black, you say yes. When they try to say you aren’t Boricua, you laugh in their face and explain that salsa mofongo and melanin are all vital parts of Ponce. They will try to pass their ignorance for fact and you will carry Botanica blessed sage mixed with real nigga sentiments until they realize themselves to be unworthy. You will smile with pride and by this time, have gotten a chance to heal the 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the pads of your toes. toes that have spent decades. Lifetimes. Running away from fires.

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