Lust Thrust Thursdays: Two Poems by Lauren Yarnall


There’s a Korean legend where a girl drowns after her man leaves her
on a rock in the sea. The fish quit glittering. The village starves.
A man cums in the water— the fish come back. To please the dead
virgin girl, the island is adorned with wooden cocks.

There is some metaphor here.

(What do I know? I’m not Korean
or a virgin, & as much as I’d like

to have a cock in my mouth, I also want the glow of a drive-thru
shouting my seven-dollar shame, & I would like to eat it hot

still sitting in my car, Dolly Parton
begging through the speaker,

the lines of the parking lot around me
like parentheses that lost their grip, or your slack arms
when you sleep. What I’m doing

sending video after video
of cellular grit,

shoving some silicone wanna-be
into my lubed-up asshole. Who’s
a pretty bird? Who’s a pretty

bird? The trick is to act
like I want to be on an island of cock.

Your cock, specifically. Your specific cock.

The key is being a phone
sex operator with you
in the room.

I’d like a baker’s dozen
of your cock, steaming hot, please

& thank you.) That’s all I’ve got
to say about that.



You’re a real Neil Armstrong motherfucker aren’t you? That whole butchery,
all thumb and footprinting— you think you can just plant a flag in my pussy.

I cock pussy, aim it at your bloody head when those other boys beat you silly,
clutch the word in my knuckles like a roll of nickels, fisting pussy.

We called it privates in my house, like don’t share, like nothing’s pussy
when it’s all just pussy. O’Keefe’s husband ate her pussy, said she painted pussy.

Schoolboys sniffing fingers like, hey man you reek of pussy.
Real pussy? Call that currency, make us all just stink with money.

Your mother says on your way out you ripped her pussy,
as in she’s got a can’t-go-for-a-run-without-pissing pussy.

Nailing pussy, beating pussy, never catch you eating pussy,
and you’ve got the balls to say, Lauren, I know how to treat a pussy.


Lauren Yarnall is currently a 2nd MFA candidate in Poetry at the University of Idaho, where she also works as the Managing Editor of Fugue. Her work has previously appeared in, Harpur PalatePermafrost MagazineSpillway MagazineNoble/Gas Quarterly and she has work forthcoming in Sugar House Review. Her Twitter handle is @YarnallLauren.

Gem Blackthorn is QMT's Sex Columnist, and the author/curator of Lust Thrust Thursdays. Send her your submissions and questions at sexsexsex [at]

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